ShowBox APK Download – Latest 4.72 Version for Android

ShowBox  APK for Android is pretty easy to get. You just download the apk file from the internet. You Enable Unknown Sources from Security under Settings. This leaves you with just the final step, which is to play the downloaded file and viola, you can install the app in just a touch on a button! ShowBox can similarly be installed directly on Blackberry OS 10.2.1 or above. iOS doesn’t yet have ShowBox, but there is a different app called MovieBox that is identical to ShowBox. It can be downloaded through vShare and other websites or portals.

How To Download Showbox App On Android


  • Step 1 : You Have To Download The Showbox APK File From This Link
  • Step 2 : Once The App Is Download. Go To The Phone Settings  > Security > Turn on ‘‘Unknown Sources
  • Step 3 : Once You Have Turn On The “Unknown Sources”. Visit To The Download Showbox App file And Install It
  • Step 4 : Enjoy

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ShowBox for Kindle

Kindle is quite an asset if you’re looking to expand your mind. There are on course thousands on books you can access on it. But did you know you can also use the device to watch a movie or two?

Movies can be quite the educative experience as well. And so it makes sense to get yourself up to date with the topics being discussed in popular culture as well, along with more academic pursuits. Thanks to this app called ShowBox, you can now use your Kindle to stay up to date with the movies you would want to follow. The app’s main audience is really those who want to watch teenage dramas or mindless action films, but the vast library accommodates some pretty neat titles one should probably not skip.

What is ShowBox?

ShowBox is this popular app used to stream and download movies and TV shows. The app also has some good documentaries, short films and more. ShowBox lets you watch your favorite content on itself or download it (though the standard download is via the lethargic Android Download Manager). The app has only a modicum on ads, and there are multiple resolutions and players to make sure you don’t blow your internet bill of just one movie in case that is a concern.

Showbox app

The app has been one of the more persistent ones available on the internet, most of the others being notorious for being banned or irregular to serve content. And so it is one of the more often recommended options on internet forums.

How do I get ShowBox for my Kindle device?

Kindles, being Android based devices, can support most Android apps.

  • Since ShowBox isn’t available on the Play Store or the Amazon store, the recourse is to get the app as an apk file from the internet. That’s what Play Store and Amazon Store get you anyway.
  • After you have downloaded the ShowBox apk, you can enable apps from unknown sources to be installed on your Kindle.
  • Once that is done, Tap the downloaded apk file to run it. The file should install pretty effortlessly.

The app takes up about 40 MB space on your device, which is not very deterring in Kindle terms.


In case you’re interested, there is also a modified version of the app (though not acknowledged officially by the original app’s developer) called ShowBox Lite. The app makes sure you don’t have to deal with ads at all, and it is pretty light in size (about 20 MBs!). Additionally, this Lite version does not carry Torrent links, which is welcome for the user community which was watching its members face bans and warnings from Internet Service Providers over them.

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope this helps you get more out of your Kindle device. Books are great and I love them, but mixing in a movie now and then really makes me concentrate better. Watch out so it doesn’t become an addiction, yes. But ShowBox on Kindle can really help broaden your horizons.