ShowBox APK Download for Android Free

ShowBox app is the greatest app to make it to the internet in a long while. There is no limit to its utility, the entertainment quotient is high and there is just enough complexity to keep you engaged but not work you up. The app lets you play your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries and whatnot, and also keep up with the latest news and gossip out there. While all its contemporaries have come and gone, ShowBox has been steadfast in its service and helped users watch their favorite latest movies, better than any of its competitors.


How to Download ShowBox for Android in Easy Steps

ShowBox can be downloaded on Android devices pretty easily. It is beyond easy to watch showbox movies online, provided you know and follow the steps to get the app. The complication in getting ShowBox for Android is solely because it is not available through the Play Store, but if you’ve side loaded apps before, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  1. Download ShowBox APK file using google search to find good reliable sources for the same. Or, use the link provided here.
  2. Scan the downloaded file using an Antivirus of your choice. This eliminates chances of malware infecting your device and can save you a couple of bucks. A lot of people ignore this step, but it should be done for everything you download.
  3. Enable Unknown Sources through your Security Settings, available through the home menu.
  4. Tap the apk file to run setup. Go to the download manager if you have dismissed the download notification and tap it there.
  5. Go through the permissions listed so you are aware of all that the app demands to work. This is usually skipped by many too, but it is prudent to check every app’s permissions before downloading it.
  6. Install if you agree to the permissions. It’s only a matter of seconds before your app is ready.

Play the app to confirm that the app runs properly, since there are a lot of rogue apps out there too which bombard you with ads and refuse to uninstall. If such is the case, check out our page on how to uninstall rogue ShowBox apk app.

Download Latest ShowBox APK File

A lot of users have previously reported that they are unsure of using any apk file they find on the internet. We understand. So here is a link to the ShowBox apk file that we have found to be completely safe.

If you find the file is faulty, drop us a message and we’ll investigate and repair the link or replace it as needed.

Latest ShowBox Features

For those of you who don’t know, ShowBox recently came out with its latest version which takes things to a new level with the latest modifications it has introduced to the time tested interface. Here are a few of them summarized.

  1. The app makes videos more accessible, thanks to more download buttons available right on the page.
  2. Subtitles, servers and player modes are all accessible through a menu next to the resolutions, with one tap. You don’t need to scroll around.
  3. There are better resolutions, and quicker uploads.
  4. Torrent servers are now labeled as such, and downloads from them show up with torrent related information too.

This to add to the huge content library, the high resolutions and the quick app resolution, you should be able to see why ShowBox is all the rage.

How to download ShowBox for PC or Mac

ShowBox app for Mac and PC is a great way to get your daily entertainment fix right on your computer. This is a great option for people who don’t have enough space for ShowBox on their smartphones. Here are the steps to get the app on your device.

Procedure to get ShowBox for Windows PC:

Get your Windows PC ready to play your favorite videos and TV shows by getting ShowBox for PC. Here’s how:

  • Download ShowBox apk file on your Windows PC.
  • Get an Android Emulator software like BlueStacks or Andy from their website. Install them.
  • Login to your emulator using a gmail account to activate google’s services on the emulator. This comes in handy later.
  • Right click ShowBox apk you downloaded earlier, and open it with BlueStacks. Let the installation proceed.
  • The app should be ready to work in a matter of seconds. Download MX Player through the search bar or through Play Store, and you’re ready to enjoy high quality movies on your Windows PC screen.

Procedure to get ShowBox for Mac:

You can use BlueStacks on Mac as well, as the latest version supports Mac OS. But there are other ways to enjoy your movies and TV shows on Mac using ShowBox. Let’s talk about using an online Emulator.

  • Go to Manymo’s website and register for an account. Sorry, it’s paid. But the features are worth the money.
  • Download ShowBox apk file from the internet. Keep it safe.
  • Choose a screen resolution for your Android on Manymo.
  • Upload ShowBox apk file to the website. It doesn’t take much time.
  • Launch the emulator and enjoy. You can also add MX Player and enjoy watching as many free movies and TV shows from ShowBox’s content library as you like.

ShowBox for iPhones

iPhones and iPads are different from Mac in OS, and there aren’t many Android emulators for iOS worth the effort. But ShowBox’s developers took care of it, and you don’t need gaudy emulators to watch ShowBox’s amazing content on your’s iPhone or iPad. Just get MovieBox, ShowBox’s twin! MovieBox can be installed in no time at all, and it keeps you entertained like ShowBox does. Here’s what to do to get it. Showbox for iphone/ios is also called as moviebox, hence you can easily download the showbox for ios devices as well.

  • Download vShare from the internet on your iOS device.
  • Install the app. Trust the app whenever prompted. Run it.
  • Once in vShare, look up MovieBox app. This should be pretty easy to find. Download the app.
  • Install the app as before, and trust the app whenever asked.

MovieBox should now be available on your Home menu, and you should be able to get your favorite movies and TV shows playing anytime you’re interested to watch one.

Fix for ShowBox not working: ShowBox FAQs

ShowBox is easy to use. But when it doesn’t work for some of us, it can be understandably frustrating. So here’s how to fix some common problems ShowBox faces, if none works for you you can always look for showbox alternative apks.

  1. ShowBox isn’t working. It doesn’t launch when i tap the icon and goes to a dark screen.The problem is likely to be a clogged memory which is not letting the app boot properly. This usually indicates an urgent need to clear cache and open up internal memory. Delete useless apps and documents.
  2. ShowBox won’t cast my movies to the big screen. Help!The problem could be because of ShowBox’s lack of support for casting. The problem is actually rumored to be from MX Player, so you can replace it with an app like GrowBox. Make sure to delete MX Player first. Your app should start casting movies fine.
  3. How do i change servers/subtitles/player in the latest 4.82 version?Servers, subtitles and players have been relocated to a new menu next to resolutions. The change took place in ShowBox 4.81 and was fine tunes in 4.82. Tap the three dots next to resolutions, and get your favorite movie playing as you like it.
  4. ShowBox movie won’t play/download!The culprit in such problems is often the server. Many countries restrict the use of torrent services, and so movies queued to watch or download through them will refuse to progress in many devices. It’s better than being warned or banned by your ISP, which can happen in a few countries. To solve the error, simply switch to a different server than the one you’re using, or eliminate torrent links by getting the ShowBox mod apk called ShowBox Lite.
  5. Why are there too many ads on my ShowBox?ShowBox generates revenue for its developers through the advertisements people see on the app. This can be our way of paying back the developers for their time and effort in making the app better. However, you can stop them by using Ad blocker softwares, or use ShowBox Lite that does away with ads along with the torrent links, so it is much easier to handle.
  6. Help! I’m getting too many ads, and ShowBox isn’t even running!It is possible that you have installed an improper apk file instead of ShowBox’s original apk file.A few rogue versions of ShowBox 4.72 have been spotted on the internet, and they inevitably lead to a barrage of ads. Uninstall the app right away and get the proper apk file to install. If you cannot uninstall the rogue ShowBox, remove administrative privileges it might have taken up through the Device Administrator section in Security Settings. This should allow uninstallation.

This was all about ShowBox app in case you are looking to get the alternative you can download playview apk as well. If there is anything more you’d want us to cover, leave us a comment below or drop us a line through the contact page